Sunday, February 1

Holiday Outfits ^0^~

What's Up!
Auckland is now burning HOT
The sun can literally melt ice cream in seconds T^T

It's been ages since I posted
I also started using LookBook!
So these pictures are from LookBook (Grid Form~)

★~(=^∙ ∙^=)~★

Pastel in Winter

When you wear your favorite colors ♥︎

✿ Striped T-Shirt

✿ Pastel Yellow Jeans
Jay Jays

✿ Pastel Purple Knitted Cardigan
Peter Alexander

Winter is the hardest season for me to come up with an outfit!
Sometimes it's just too cold o(o)o
But the purple boots was so warm and comfortable
It was such a nice gift~
As for the cardigan...
I secretly 'borrowed' it from my older sister (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

★~(U∙ X ∙U)~★

Summer Sundae

Bright colors for the summer season ♥︎

✿ Denim Vest

✿ Summer Dress
Country Road

✿ Rose Gold Flip Flops

 This is actually my first summer in New Zealand!
For the past 2 summers
I'm always back in Malaysia  。♥♥  。
I didn't know Auckland's weather can be this HOT!!
But it's perfect to wear a vest~
I finally got to wear it ≧ω≦

Thanks for Reading!