Saturday, April 19

Facts About Me :3

Hey guys!
This is to get to know me better x)

1. My full name is Natalie Ong Xiao Qi
2. My birthday is on 10th of May, 1999
3. I'm born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4. I currently live in Auckland, New Zealand
5. I hope one day I can live in Japan
6. I live with a family of 6
7. I go to Epsom Girls Grammar School
8. My favorite subject is Maths
9. My dream job is to be a photographer!
10. My 2nd dream job is to be an engineer
11. I love anime and manga 
12. My favorite color is pink!
13. I love cute things~
14. I usually wear girly clothes
15. I love cats!
16. I love Japanese & Korean makeup
17. My starsign is Taurus
18. I listen to Kpop and Vocaloid
19. My favorite genre of music is Jrock and Deep House
20. I hate sports except for ultimate frisbee
21. I love ice cream!
22. I don't really like ketchup
23. I have to sleep with the lights on ><
24. I love clothings!
25. I get excited even at little things
26. I like making little DIYs
27. I like doodling 
28. I love french fries
29. My favorite doll is named Mariene
30. I hate anything ghost related
31. I'm a scaredy cat
32. I have a nicely decorated room!
33. I hate writing essays, creative writing or anything for english
34. I love drinking milk x)
35. I can't handle horror movies
36. I can handle gory things really well
37. I'm really emotional
38. I cry really easily
39. I'm not a fan for pizza
40. I love Japanese & Korean food
41. I like cooking!
42. I hate homework and studying
43. I'm not really smart T^T
44. I think I'm secretly Japanese
45. I usually stay at home
46. I'm an extrovert but I hate speaking in front of an audience
47. I love making friends!
48. I'm addicted to mina magazines 
49. I love watching movies
50. I'm really immature compare to my friends

That's some facts about me ^O^

Have Fun,
Nana ♥︎

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  1. What's up! Haha finally you wrote something on your blog XD


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